Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bedroom splendour...

I'm currently putting together an inspiration board for a new bedroom I'm proposing we build from our exisiting double garage. My current bedroom is very small and just wont do any longer lol. My new bedroom is to be light and airy and ever so glamourous ;) The above pic from Lucinda Symons is my favourite bedroom pic and will be the starting point for my collaboration. I absolutely love the colour scheme and I'm very keen to use wallpaper - even if only on one wall. The above Louis bed is an absolute dream but I'm not entirely convinced about padded beds being practical. I was just thinking of painted wood or cane but still as ornate. Fortunately my husband doesn't mind if I want a more feminine bedroom as he understands it's my sanctuary as long as he has a new garage to play in lol.

Another styled view of the same room. I love the use of the pink bedding with the blue background.

I haven't decided on flooring and whether to use timber, tiles or carpet. I love the dark wooden floors mixed with the pastel colours along with the fireplace and white fluffy rug by Brian J McCarthy - ahhh so romantic ;)

One of my favourite wallpapers from Laura Ashley I'm seriously considering for my feature wall.

(image via desire to inspire)

(image via Sarah Kaye)
I'm not sure what bedside tables to have whether they be painted, mirrored or skirted.

(image via The Paris Apartment)

(image via Cote de Texas)

(I can't remember where I found this pic but I LOVE it- can anyone help me?)

(flickr - kaysfirstplace)

Lighting will of course be a breathtaking sparkling chandelier - with some task lighting in the form of bed sconces or lamps. (Pic from The Paris Apartment)

Naturally what will become one of my own signature design elements someday, a tufted chair or chaise is a must!

(pic from Kathleen Rhea of The House of Rhea)

Ohhh I love this screen by Jessica McClintock - Argh thats probably going a little over the top lol ;)

This pic was recently posted by Joni at Cote de Texas of one of her friends guest rooms. I am so in love with the overstuffed salmon pink eiderdown and the stunning little tufted stool.

(I have this exact bedding by Sheridan)

I also love the idea of french or bifold doors opening up to the bedroom with the bed facing opposite. The built in bookcasing around the doors are fabulous also. (Pic from country home ideas)

(This room doesn't exactly apply to me but I thought I'd mention I love the idea of using pretty dresses and tops as a form of window furnishings, especially for a teenage girl. Pic from Betsy Johnson)


Cote de Texas said...

You always have the best pictures - so beautiful!!!


~j~ said...

aaaah, every picture makes me incredibly happy, oh and lustful in the most gracious sense of course :) My daughter hung slips in her bedroom and they looked so beautiful as old vintage slips do but like her mother, she has changed her decorating style once again and is now on to chocolate brown and robins egg blue(sigh)we are both frustrated decorators!
Great post! Thank~you,


I think we're decoration soul mates! Haha! I just started a blog the other day dedicated to Vintage/Shabby Chic for cheap! I'm borrowing a few of your images, so I hope you'll subscribe to my blog...I'm bookmarking yours :)

Velvet and Linen said...

I love all of your ideas!
Love the color scheme, the wallpaper, the tufted chair (I see you as a chaise person), the crystal chandelier.
You can't go wrong with either the mirrored or the painted bedside tables.
My husband has also realized that our bedroom is my safe haven. He is merely invited to stay.LOL