Friday, February 29, 2008

My perfect house...

(above image via style court)
As most of you know by now I have a facination and love affair with European architecture and interior design and I have discovered a new place of interest that is definately going on my "bucket list" lol. If I had an endless amount of money this is what my house would look like ;)

The Swan House, built in 1928, is a grand Italianate mansion that is an Atlanta landmark, once the home of Edward and Emily Inman, heirs to a cotton brokerage fortune. The Swan House is an excellent example of the Second Renaissance Revival style and represents the architectural and decorative tastes of affluent citizens in the late 1920s. The house was designed by a well-known Atlanta architect by the name of Philip Trammell Schutze in 1928 and decorated by Ruby Ross Woods of New York.

(the above 3 images are via xinmincat @ flickr)

I don't know alot about architecture but I know what I like. Symmetry was Schutze's no 1 priority when building this magnificant home and that is the extact no 1 reason why I adore it so.

The name of the house is drawn from the swan or bird motifs that grace many of the interior rooms.

This is a close up of the front of the Swan House. It has two staircases like this one because architect Phillip Shutze had a need for proportion; this one is the miniature version of the larger stone staircase on the bottom. That intricate ironwork is incredibly beautiful.

(the above 3 images are via Hueyatl @ flickr)

The house is filled with english and Italian style elements including this stunning iron lantern.

This is the back of the Swan House. This is where the chauffeurs would drop off the guests when special social events took place at the Inman's residence so even though it is the back it really looks like the front of the house.

The interior of the house is as elaborate as the exterior and features five rooms of distinction: the entrance vestibule, the entrance hall, the library, the breakfast room and the dining room. Other rooms include four bedroom areas, a sitting room, a full basement and an apartment in the attic. I'm completely in love with the chinoiserie wallpaper and lets not forget that chandelier!

(above 3 images are via lalejos1 @ flickr)
This is a picture of the guest room at the swan house. It is simple yet comfortable. The wood floors on this level of the house are oak wood. This room is different from the rest of the house because it is plainer with simple furniture and no fancy portraits hanging on the walls. I actually don't mind the colour scheme and the sweet floral accents.

Stunning architecture like this rarely exsists in Australia. If anyone has visited Swan house, knows anymore about it or has other photo's of the interior I'd LOVE to see and read about it :)
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annechovie said...

Hi Anna!
I have spent quite a bit of time at the Swan House over the years, because I used to live in Atlanta (for almost 20 years). It is a magical house and just as stunning in person. There is a beautiful black and white checked marble floor in the foyer with a gorgeous winding staircase. There is a Coach House on the property that has been turned into a lovely little restaurant, shop and small art gallery. Many brides (including my sister-in-law)hold their bridesmaid's luncheon here. The menu features traditional "ladies" Southern fare on a lighter note, such as chicken salad with frozen fruit salad, etc. There are several other interesting buildings adjacent to the estate, including The Atlanta History Museum(my uncle was a member of the Atlanta Historical Society). The trees and landscaping surrounding the property are magnificent, especially in the Spring or Fall. Definitely a landmark if you ever visit Atlanta!

Villa Anna said...

Oh Anne,

thank you so much for painting that mental picture, I'm even more in love with it now. What an absolutely perfect place to host a wedding! Every brides dream. The foyer sounds breathtaking. My mother and I are currently pondering the thought of changing the terracotta flooring in her kitchen to black and white tiles. Spring would definately be the time I would aim to visit as I can imagine how enchanting the gardens would look and my husband has always dreamed of watching the US Masters tournament also in Atlanta. Oh and I would also have to stalk and sneak a photograph of Ms Ginny Maghers magnificent home ;)

Argh so much to do and see, so little time and money lol

Anna :)

AnastasiaC said...

its so very grand!!!

annechovie said...

You're SO welcome, Anna. Thanks for posting the photos as it brought back a lot of great memories - I had a very special first date here one time years ago...It really is a beautiful place and there's a strong scent from all the boxwood shrubs as you walk around the grounds.

Melissa Lewis said...


This is my first time to your blog. You got me hooked right away with this absolutely fabulous home. My favorite picture, for some reason, is the light fixture. The columns just look so old and well worn, I have such a fascination with old architecture.

Great blog! I will definitely be frequenting often.

Sue said...

I'm with you, that is now my favorite house. What beautiful proportions and materials Swan House has. Must put her on my places to visit.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Anna - I can totally understand why this is your favorite house :-) You have lovely taste:-)

Alkemie said...

Anna this house is absolutely Gorgeous and AMAZING!! The first photo really riveted me and I totally thought the house was in Europe for sure. Great Great post and thank you for introducing this gorgeous beauty.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Isn't it just so very lovely? sigh...great post!

Jasmine said...

Hello Anna, I am not from Atlanta, however I just relocated here and I was sent to Swan House on a class assignment. I have not been able to speak on anything else since! Even just the memories of seeing this house leaves me breatheless in its beauty. I don't know if you've actually been here before, but if you haven't, the floating staircase is something to be marveled at. Here is a link to see a picture of this majectic beauty.

Sorry, I know that's a bit long, but it is completely worth it. The upstairs had some water damage, so I was unable to see it, but this will be a spot that visit regularly. I just saw it yesterday and I've already made plans to go back. The detail, the craftsmanship and the love that went into this home is astounding. Ihope one day you will see the house and all the gardens in person, there is nothing like it.

Ragnar Håkon Stiansen said...
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