Sunday, March 2, 2008

While blog surfing today I found....

(image by Sadie Olive)

(image courtesy of Marchesa for Harpers Bazaar via All things bright and beautiful)

(Image courtesy of The Inspired room)

These three fabulous images posted by three fabulous ladies.

The first pic was actually photographed by the ever talented Sara Duckett of the Sadie Olive blog while she was playing around with her new camera lens. I am the worlds worst photographer therefore I appreciate clever and beautiful images. I think this picture is definately beautiful. It would make the perfect gift card.

The second image was part of a post by Felicity of All things bright and beautiful, featuring the ever so glamourous life of the fashion designers behind the label Marchesa for Harpers Bazaar magazine. Oh that dressing room is every girls dream - especially mine! ;)

Finally I couldn't resist the ever so cute picture posted by Melissa of The Inspired room. I adore everything about it - It truly does speak a thousand words.

p.s Happy Birthday DH ;)

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All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh Anna - thank you so much for the mention!! :-)

That photo by Sadie Olive is gorgeous!! I just found her blog last week too :-)