Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A love dedication to beautiful bathrooms...

(Brian J McCarthy)

(house to home)

(house to home)

(house to home)

(house to home)

(Olive Grove retreat)


(Lyn Gardener)

(Eva Lindh)

(Eva Lindh)

(Elle decor via Dreamhouse)

(Elle decor via Dreamhouse)


(Coco Chanel suite at The Ritz via Alkemie)
(La Residence via Alkemie)

(Jamie Drake via Alkemie)

(Betsy Johnson via All Things Bright And Beautiful)
(Betsy Johnson via All Things Bright And Beautiful)
(house to home)
(Pottery Barn)

(Kerry Joyce & Associates via Desire To Inspire)

(Thomas Hayes)

It had to happen sooner or later. I couldn't go on without dedicating a post to some of my most favourite bathroom images. I would have included a picture of my own bathroom but I'm in the middle of making a few changes there so I'll post pics when it's finished.
One of my favourite luxurys in life is to sink into a deep hot soothing bath filled with rose or lavender oils and lots of bubbles.
This is definately a luxury most people can afford no matter how big or small their wet room is. You don't even need a large jacuzzi size tub. I've bathed in almost bucket size tubs with my legs dangling out the sides and had a ripe ole time lol.
With a few personal accents and some of your favourite fragrances you can create such an amazing haven from all the stresses of the world. One important thing is to make sure the kids are being looked after and you lock the door and even put a do not disturb sign on the handle lol.
Bathtime is ME time ;)

I think I've included images from most decor styles so you can find some kind of inspiration in creating your beautiful bathroom.

p.s The black bathroom was via house to home. HTML was playing funny buggers.



You're killing me here. I'm going to go get undressed, run the bath, add the salts and lavender, step in, sit down and cry. (cause my bathroom is 'so' not like these)Wink.

Alkemie said...

Anna, this is such a lovely post. I truly enjoyed looking at each of these bathrooms. Thank you for the mention as well. I totally agree that bath time is "me" time - a time to relax, wind down. I can't wait to see what you are doing with your own bathroom!


Gail McCormack said...

I think I could learn to live with any one of those bathrooms. Thanks for the beautiful images. Look forward to seeing your finished bathroom

Brierley & Clover said...

Oh my goodness, some of those bathrooms are amazing! So much inspiration for our next house build!

Oh, and that Jayne Mansfield bathroom with wall to wall (and ceiling and floor) shag pile...words escape me!

K.Imaginelli said...

I just found your blog by way of The Paris Apartment (or Life in A Venti Cup--can't remember which one led me here). Thanks for the gorgeous images!

~j~ said...

aaaaahhhh I(deep sigh) it's so good to be back amongst the lovlies of these posts. I had to schedule some "me" time to bask in these incredible rooms.
Jayne Mansfield, beautiful and pretty progressive in her decorating style, that was a really fun home tour Anna.
Thank you for your recent comment Anna, you make my heart sing!
Have a wonderful time treasure hunting for things to share with us this week. :)
xo julia

LondonCalling said...

Great collection of images! So inspiring.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Gorgeous rooms, all of them! I could use a good soak!

Happy week! Thanks so much for putting all this together!


Herbgirl said...

I'm personally in love with bathroom pic number one!!! It puts my tiny little bathroom to shame. I will close my eyes and imagine I am sitting in that dream of a room rather than my own.

AnastasiaC said...

so many great choices Anna...how can one choose just one style!! im going to have a huge dilemma if we go ahead with our plans and renovate our investment home - i have no idea what style I love the most!!
i posted a sunken bathtub interior yesterday - gorgeous!

Cote de Texas said...

One is prettier than the other, but I love the yellow one near the top the most I think! Hard to choose. thanks for the comments too!


Vintage revival said...

Love the Eva Lindh one. Very inspiring images. Its a must having a lovely setting when lying in the bath. :-)