Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy hunting...

I had a lovely day today treasure hunting at my local flea markets. You know how some days you can go and find absolutely nothing and other days fill your car? Well today was a good day. Not so much for furniture but there were plenty of trinkets.

Unfortunately I have a weakness for trinkets lol. Ever since I was a little girl I loved collecting tiny porcelain animals etc and displaying them in a glass cabinet. I now have three cabinets filled with all matter of things in my kitchen, livingroom and bathroom. I also have a little white table in my bathroom with a stunning antique'd tray filled with lovely things such as candles, roses, perfume, soaps and bath oils. I like to rotate my treasures every couple of weeks from cabinet to tray :)

Today I found some sweet new items to add to my almost out of control collection lol.

My purchases included a lovely perfume bottle without atomiser (I'll find one to fit another time), two stunning blue glass goblets, a sweet makeup compact, a colclough tea trio (I can never resist a tea set), an unused bottle of Estee Lauder bronzer cream (LOVE the colour of the bottle), a darling little mother of pearl trinket box, a vintage copy of Mary Poppins for my daughter, a vintage airforce tin for my son, a lovely blue and white ceramic ashtray (we're all non smokers here but I still couldn't resist it). I also bought a fabulous large old hat box complete with original travel stickers (excellent for storage) and my favourite purchase for the day was the most beautiful piece of vintage clothing - a satin pink pair of ladies bloomers with antique lace - GORGEOUS!
One last thing, I thought I'd take a pic of my recent Ebay find. A lovely tufted stool I plan to repaint the legs cream.
The best thing was all these items came under $100!
Anyone else spend their sunny sunday at the fleas? I'd love to sticky beek at your finds too!


Country French Antiques said...

Great finds! I love the tray :) and the Hat Box was a lucky find!

Herbgirl said...

I just found your beautiful blog and am putting a link to it on mine. I will definitely be a frequent visitor.
See ya soon

AnastasiaC said...

some cool finds Anna!!! love the tea cup set - beautiful!!!
what flea markets do you go to? i love Rozelle markets...i always find some great things there....

Villa Anna said...

Anastasia, I go to the North Rocks fleas in north west Sydney. They are on every sunday at the Royal deaf and blind society car park. Like I said, some days they're fabulous and other days not so fabulous lol.

I have to get myself to the Rozelle markets, I imagine being inner city there would be heaps of quirky items for sale.

Anna :)