Thursday, March 20, 2008

Joyeuses Pâques - Happy Easter!

(image via Karens

I can't believe easter is here already! Where does the time go? For all my fellow christian blogging pals I'd like to wish you a very happy easter time and safe and restful holidays to all. I will be taking a break till tuesday and spend what little time we have left of our summer weather out and about with the family.

I also wanted to make mention of all my new pals and their fabulous blogs that make me smile on a daily basis.

(This is Gails most recent original for sale now)

If you haven't heard of Gail McCormack by now then shame on you! Hehe just kidding. Gail is an Australian treasure and paints the most exquisite floral images. Gails art has been bought by other famous Australians such as Alannah Hill. I'm still waiting to purchase my perfect piece but you have to be quick cause it seems as soon as she lists an original on her website it's snapped up immediately. Gails blog is also a delightful read so if you haven't done so already please have a peek ;)

(image courtesy of Time Worn Style)

Alicia @ Time Worn Style is another cherished Australian artist and a mum of two AND has a wonderful shop on Ebay selling vintage wares. I have purchased one of her adorable treasures and love it to death. Alicia's lovely blog is another one of my daily addictions.

(image courtesy of Frenchless in France)

Frenchless in France is another new favourite find. Linda Mathieu lives in Paris and Provence. Follow her adventures as she finds her way through her French life. I love the detailed and dreamy photo's of the wonderful places Linda and her husband visit.

(Bloom~N~Bottles by Herbgirl)

Herbgirl of Calendula Court is swiftly becoming a daily addiction. Yet another talented and creative artist, Mandy's blog is filled with so many lovelies and stunning photo's of all matter of things as well as a lover of 'bits n pieces' like me! I definately want one of her ultra sweet bloom~n~bottles :)

(image courtesy of London Calling)

As the title of this charming and enticing blog states - London Calling is - a) a 1979 double album by The Clash b) love of all things british c) diary of design, inspirations, and the woe and wonder of completely renovating and decorating a 1920's tudor-esque bungalow d) all of the above. Need I say more? I am loving it!

(image courtesy of K.Imaginelli)

K.Imaginelli @ The Revising Life is a hard working novelisit with a love of interior design and is about to embark on her first trip to Paris. Tune in for her exciting adventures and PICS! ;)

(image courtesy of Liberty Post)

Liberty Post already has an enormous fan base but I had to mention it because I feel it's one of the most interesting, facinating and hilarious blogs out there. Miss Liberty Post editor (I'm sorry I don't know your name lol) ALWAYS manages to crack me up with her witty sense of humour and her blog topics are vast and alluring. If you haven't read Liberty Post yet you're missing out ;)

(image courtesy of Jules Sand Castle)

Last but not least I can't forget my new beautiful friend Julia @ Jules Sand Castle. Julia writes me the most sweet, caring and encouraging emails and never fails to brighten my day. Julia's blog is a divine read and viewing the photo's of her darling beach house and favourite places are a pleasureable experience. Pop over and say G'day if you haven't already, you will adore and treasure her as much as I do :)

ENJOY!!! :)


K.Imaginelli said...

Oooo~~thanks so much for featuring me on your blog, Anna!

I'm off to visit some of the other sites you mentioned.

Happy Easter!

CIELO said...

Good morning pretty Anna! Your blog is such a delight! :)


Herbgirl said...

Just popped in for a visit and there I am. Thanks sooooooo much for sharing mine and the other awesome blogs! Now I 'm off the find more pretyy and amazing bloggers you have mentioned.

Thanks! Happy Easter and Herbal Hugs, Mandy

LondonCalling said...

Surprise! I'm a fan of your blog too! So glad you are enjoying mine.
Thanks for the mention. Smiles, LC

~j~ said...

can you see me blushing across the pond here? thank you Anna.
And as a thank you I am directing you to where you can create the most incredible little collages with clothing, accessories, AND the best part, furniture and design elements. It is absolutely glorious and I know that you would absolutely rock that site with your creations.
love to you,

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Happy Easter to you!


Mélanie said...

Joyeuses Paques !
Thank you for sharinh others blogs ! I know some of them bu I'm going to dicover few of them


You must think I am such a scoundrel! A poopy blog friend. A selfish, no good hotty totty. I am so sorry I did not see this until right now! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Big Hug. xo I thanked you on the top right hand side of my blog. xo