Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm in the mood for more Hot Pink!

(Above three images courtesy of Simon Brown photography)

(Above three images courtesy of The Paris Apartment)

(Ruthie Sommers & Chapman Radcliffe)

(Kelly Interior Design)

(Omg is this really a car?! Image courtesy of jalopnik)

(Emma Jane Pilkington)

(Betsy Johnson)

Usually I'm the kind of girl who loves to be surrounded by calm pastel hues and muted tones but right at this moment something has got me fired up and I'm feeling myself wanting to paint the world red and hot pink lol.
Perhaps it's because I'm excited. I'm excited I just sold my old crappy car and I'm going to get a new one and I'm excited my final semester for my design course starts on Monday. Bring it on! I'm busting to get out there and create some magic!
p.s I just discovered the wonderful world of Simon Brown photography. His interiors portfolio is a feast for the eyes. It amazes me how someone can make an abandoned, ruined, probably rat infested building look so beautiful!



That car is over the top! My fave is the Kelly Interior living room. So tasteful. Hot.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

WOWZIE, HOT PINK goodness around here!

Happy Pink Day!


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Bring on the hot pink chickateeta - you are talking to a FAN!!

Southern Heart said...

I love, love that's one of my favorites to wear, too!

Anna Spiro said...

Love your Pink Inspirations Anna!

Alkemie said...

OMg I Love hot pink!! The photos are amazing!! Great picks, I love the bedrooms, walls and all the chairs. I had to laugh when I saw the car!

Anonymous said...

REally love your blog! I just found it & am really enjoying looking around. Go Hot Pink!!