Thursday, March 27, 2008

My day at The Show...

The Sydney royal easter show happens annually around the two weeks of easter and is run by the Australian agricultural society. This is a time for people from the city to the country to showcase their animals, arts and crafts and compete for top honours.

It is also a fabulous (yet unfortunately expensive) family day out with rides, entertainment, a culinary feast of gormet foods, and lets not forget the SHOWBAGS! Every childs favourite thing about the show, mine included :)

I was a little unkind and decided to leave the kids at home as usually with them, the day consists of rides, baby animals, showbags and home but this year I wanted to really take in all the show has to offer. They weren't too disappointed as they were quick to hand me the list of bags they desired lol.

The day certainly didn't disappoint with the weather being perfect and the crowds bearable. Even Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were apparrently walking around but I didn't spot them ;)

The following pics are just some of my favourite entries this year...

Incredible fruit and vegetable displays

There was a stunning array of porcelain dolls. Please excuse my unsteady hand - terrible, just terrible lol ;)

This sweet ballet slipper pink baby dress won a prize for the smocking detail

First and second prize in paper tole. I'm in awe of the delicate detail of this artform.

A lovely piece of intricate needlework

This run down old boat was my favourite painting of all that were submitted. It wasn't a prize winner but I thought it was amazing. My poor photography skills just doesn't do it justice.

The my little cupcake company had a darling display booth - so enticing!

naturally morning tea consisted of a skinny mocha and a cupcake!

Stunning show horses

Look! He's smiling at me :)

Some of the gorgeous prize winning dogs.

(bag made by pretty in pink)

My present to self for the day was this gorgeous cotton/pvc tote bag. It features the most beautiful design and almost every colour of the rainbow so it's perfect for work and will go with any outfit.

(exquisite painting by artist extraordinaire Gail McCormack)

Unfortunately the downside to my day was that I missed out on buying this! ^^ Boo Hoo :(

You gotta be so quick!


~j~ said...

Whoa, wait a minute!! You had cupcake and mocha without me! I am seething with complete jealousy right now :)) was that cupcake place for real or a display?, I couldn't tell, and then there was the bag you bought, which by the way I was glad, glad,glad you did for yourself and then that picture of the boat. I agree Anna, that was a captivataing painting and had such charm, i cant' imagine what it was like in person. It sounds like you had a lovely day and that was so great to see! Thank you for that slice of Australian life.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Yeah, I'm with Julia, a cupcake and a mocha would totally be my dream treat! And what a fun day you had! Everything looks so fun. I don't blame you one bit for leaving the kids at home so you could enjoy some time there! I'm with you on that one!

Happy day!

Linda said...

That looks like one fun day-and that cupcake looked delicious.

Gail McCormack said...

I've enjoyed my tour of the Show, people's talents never cease to amaze me! Good on you for treating yourself Anna.
Thanks for the link to my blog, that was sweet of you.