Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Janet Hill Studio...

(Esmarelda - Oh I would have LOVED to own this painting!)


(Satin slippers)


(Bath oil and pink carnations)

(The gardeners cottage)

(Linen tablecloth)

(The old hutch)

(A cushy chair)

(Venetian mirror)

(Books and roses)

Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things made my day today with her gorgeous post on Janet Hill, a truly inspiring artist from Ontario, Canada.

Ever since my recent purchase I've found a new fondness for original art and a growing desire to start a new collection lol.

I couldn't resist posting a few of my favourite pieces of Janets stunning work.


Jeannene said...

I love all your Post so much!! You have such lovely and most enchanting taste...(like Thank you sweetie for always stopping by and leaving me kind comments. How are you? How was your Easter? Ours was very nice.


~j~ said...

Anna, these pictures are incredibly stunning! I am more prone to water colors but these oils are so gorgeous I would certainly be tempted to purchase one as well. Anna, you put such care into your beautiful blog it's absolutely a treat to come visit.
Have a wonderful week Anna,
love julia

AnastasiaC said...

what stunning paintings!! love the top one the most - gorgeous!!!

Sue said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Herbgirl said...

I totally love the style of this artist. These are the best ever! Thanks for sharing the beauty...

Sabina said...

I just recently found Janet and her paintings. I can't get over how talented she is!! Her work is simply beautiful!!

by Ambrosia and Epiphany said...

absolutely gorgeous -thanks - MUSE