Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mystery Solved!

(All images courtesy of olive grove retreat.com, boatshed chic and chicretreats.com)

Last week I made a post asking for help locating a romantic retreat I'd seen stunning pictures of but couldn't remember the name of it or where it was. Last night I received an email from a very kind reader - thanks Louise :) - who'd seen the same photo's on another blog. Olive Grove retreat is in Heathcote, Victoria (I knew it was Vic!), and to me, looks like the ultimate place for a couple to completely forget about the world and devote every second to each other. I could completely relax in a place like this. I adore the white palette and the french furniture. Set on 40 private acres, the only people you will see are staff members including a masseur, housekeeper, and a chef at your beck and call. The guesthouse is for only 2 and there are no activites to speak of so Olive Grove retreat really is for people who are in need for some serious down time. Olive Grove was also voted one of the top 5 romantic retreats in the world by U.S Vogue.
The blog whom originally posted this information was a wonderful discovery also. Boatshed chic is by a fellow Aussie named Beth who has bought and renovated a darling boatshed and she shares her love and passion for all things french, bohemian and vintage - Just like me!!! :)
Definately have a peek -


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hmmm might look into this, it looks divine, could do with a recharge.
thanks Anna!
Alicia ~ time worn style

Villa Anna said...

Recharging is so important for the body, mind and soul. If you do go Alicia, don't forget to take your camera hehe ;)

Anna :)