Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A love dedication of duck egg blue...



(the nostalgia fairy @ flickr)

(perfect prams)

(The Paris Apartment)

(Cox&Cox via Absolutely Beautiful Things)




(buttercups and roses blog)



(Nigella Lawson)

(John Lewis)

(Laura Ashley)

(I am pretty certain this is the wallpaper I will choose for my feature wall behind my bed)

As most of you can probably tell by now my absolute favourite colour in the world is duck egg blue! The name alone appeals to me. It's a colour that truly makes me happy. Even though I love it immensely, I will probably only stick to using it in my bedroom, however I just had to post some random pics to show how lovely it is on all matter of things :)

I need to find some gorgeous D-E-B upholstery fabric, does anyone have any recommendations?


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Your blog posts are looking fabulous! I'm feeling so inspired by all the beautiful things. Duck Egg Blue is a divine name for a beautiful spring color!

ChiliLady said...

I like the old singer sewing engine!

annechovie said...

Love this color, Anna. You have featured some excellent choices!

annechovie said...

Love this color, Anna. You have featured some excellent choices!


One of my 'Liberty Speak' sayings is 'Robin's Egg'. When I love something I say: 'My little robin's egg.' Love your post!

AnastasiaC said...

i love this shade too -its timeless!! so tranquil and relaxing...it will look gorgeous in your bedroom! love that kitchen too - what a great shade to have in a kitchen! now im inspired haha....cant wait to get a new kitchen!

Villa Anna said...

I believe you absolutely can't go wrong with duck egg blue. It's a colour men, women and children can all love.

Anna :)

Alkemie said...

Anna, How did I miss all of your brilliant color posts? Simply Brilliant! I love the fashion spread towards the top!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

This is all so gorgeous. I adore this color, too. sigh...those boxes and THAT TUB. Wowza...