Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm having a retro moment with Jayne Mansfield...

How unbelieveably cool is Jayne Mansfield's home?! This is the pink palace in Bel-Air she shared with her husband Mickey Hargitay. I assume these pics have been around blogland forever so please excuse my first viewing and excitement.

Jayne Mansfield has never been one of my favourite golden oldies - that title is reserved for Grace Kelly but her home is just so quintessentially Hollywood! Floor to ceiling red leather - only in Hollywood :)

(please click the images for a larger view)

Omg so much pink shag pile I feel like I'm in a wonderful dream LOL.

Ahhhh the bathroom! Shag pile everywhere! And that gold heart bath with what looks like pink marble??!! I'm in love!!! hehe
seriously though, I do like the pink lighting.

Architectural Digest has many more celebrity homes to view on their incredibly informative and visually stunning website.


The Paris Apartment said...

Wow what a great post! I had no idea about her home and the AD website. Thanks for the fun tour!

Lisa B. said...

What a trip! I have never seen a carpeted ceiling. That would be fun to try to steam clean. Thanks for the great post.

Alkemie said...

WOW! I've never seen these photos before. Very Cool! And great tip to check out more celebrity homes at Architectural digest. Over the top, very fun! Thanks Anna!

Mélanie said...

Wonderful post ! I'm a fan of Jane Mansfield. Actually in my entrance I have an old picture of her coming out of a plane and holding a sign saying " ah QUELLE FEMME ! " ( what a woman !)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Jayne's "Pink Palace" was totally demolished in November 2002 to make way for a condominium project. Visit Scott Michaels' site