Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Poseidon Underwater Resort Fiji

No freakin way?! Is this for real?! The Poseidon Underwater resort will be open for business in 2009!
This resort will spectacularly feature six restaurants, seven bars, a dive shop, water sports centre, retail boutique, library/lounge, theatre, conference room, wedding chapel, nine-hole golf course, and tennis courts. An elevator will transport guests under the sea to the 24 suites and the luxury apartment that all include a special interior window film for privacy. Even in day light hours it's nearly impossible to look into the suites from underwater. You can also actually feed the fish from your room by pushing a button from a control console. Unbelievable!
Lets not forget the expected grand price tag that comes with such a place.
$30, 000 per couple includes Transportation from Nadi/Suva to the resort on their company planes.
4 nights in a luxury beach or over water villa.
2 nights in a luxury underwater suite.
Diving onboard a luxury expedition submarine outside the lagoon.
An initiation to piloting a 3 passenger mini sub inside the lagoon with the assistance of a trained pilot.
Scuba diving and snorkling with special programs from beginner to expert.
Walks on the lagoon floor with their sea-trek system.
Lectures and activities with a naturalist in-residence and guest marine scientists.
Wine tasting classes.
Your own personal professionally produced photo album of your experience at Poseidon Mystery Island.
Access to and supplies for all amenities: golf, tennis, watersports, etc.
Access to the resort spa.
Gormet meals and drinks.
*takes a deep breath*

I guess this type of place overwhelms me and I'm not entirely convinced of this concept however it sure is a wonderful fantasy :)
What do you think?
Visit the website for a virtual tour

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~j~ said...

hmmm for me not so much... while i love being on the beach it seems hard to imagine. enjoying "sleeping" underwater would be a little claustrophobic for me, my husband on the other hand would love it. We have a dear friend who runs a resort on Tavarua and my whole family (excluding me!) have been to Fiji and would love this. Wherever did you stumble upon this? I loved this post Anna, so much fun! I am going to go take the tour.
Have a wonderful day, or evening :)
love j