Monday, February 25, 2008

My favourite dresses of the evening...

(Anne Hathaway in Marchesa)

(Calista Flockhart in Vintage Valentino)

Well, red really was the colour of the evening but Anne's Marchesa dress was WOW! I adore her as an actor and I really feel she stole the show.

I also couldn't ignore Calista's Valentino dress. Some say it was too bland and she played it safe. Maybe so, but Valentino will always be classic to me - I love it - and the colour?......... Perfection!

(images courtesy of Just Jared)

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~j~ said...

Hi Anna!
This dress that Calista is wearing has that sea siren kind of feeling. Very ocean inspired as far as color goes. I love it for that reason. oooh to float around for an evening in that dress...
xo julia