Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For the love of Jane Austen...

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Yesterday I went to the movies with another one of my beautiful friends - Kathryn - to see "The Jane Austen Book Club".
For all lovers of Jane Austen and overall girly flicks this movie is for you!
I LOVED IT. Such a relaxing, funny and romantic movie to watch. The stellar cast were outstanding. Kathy Baker is quirky and hilarious. Maria Bello is adorable. Amy Brennaman was inspiring and there certainly was no shorage of yummy boys ;)
I love most genre's of movies, with the exception of horror, but romantic comedys, I think, will always be my favourite. For a small escape from reality this movie will make you smile :)
My friend and I are now pondering the thought of starting our own Jane Austen book club lol.
Click here to see the trailer/preview


AnastasiaC said...

im going to see this tonight! cant wait!

Villa Anna said...

Have fun! I'm going to see it a second time with my mum on tuesday lol

Anna :)