Thursday, February 7, 2008


(Mark Cutler Design)

(Madre's Restaurant designed by Rachel Ashwell)

Mr Mark Cutler has done it again. He posted a pic of a small dining room he created by utilizing every inch of the space and making it a booth. I LOVE IT!

How many of you gravitate or specially request a booth at an accommodating restaurant? Ok maybe thats just my own fetish but I LOVE booths! lol

After seeing Marks space it reminded me of another fabulous booth pic I'd seen. This booth is at the utterly divine Madre's restaurant in Pasadena, California owned by Jennifer Lopez and designed by Rachel Ashwell. This is the most beautiful looking restaurant i've ever seen and I can only imagine how enchanting and memorable a dining experience would be there.

I have a tiny dining room, measuring 2.7m by 2.3m that I currently use as my office. I was forever trying to figure out the best way to utilize the space. I could barely fit a 6 seater rectangular suite or a small round table with perhaps a console table but now after seeing Marks booth I have had a sudden light bulb moment lol. I'm going to create my own little piece of Madre's restaurant in my own home :)

Ahhh I can just imagine the wonderful conversations and laughter at intimate dinner parties, afternoon teas and girly brunches. It would also be a fabulous reading nook and work space.

I'm inspired! Whoohooo!


Cote de Texas said...

I've always loved Madre's restaurant. it's old now, i wonder what it looks like today?

Alkemie said...

Anna, what a beautiful collection of dining rooms. My favorite is the one by Mark Cutler. Just gorgeous. Madre's restaurant looks so romantic!